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Founded in 2013, Vilpola is a family owned fabric distributor located in Toijala, Finland. We offer a wide variety of confidently designed fabrics, perfect for your next design project. The patterns have been carefully selected from Finnish designers to ensure a unique and confident fabric that can be used in any space.
Timeless, Confident, Finnish. Vilpola.

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  • Lady Luck

    “The design of Lady Luck was inspired by the rich and lavish nature of Lapland during the summer season. The motif is inspired by the ever-bountiful clover flowers that can be found there. I wanted to highlight the clover flower, and so I designed it with the greatest detail. I included gradients into the design to help integrate a sense of depth into my design. It is said that goodwill is good luck, which is the message that I was trying to communicate in this piece. I wanted the good luck to shine through and bring softness and rejuvenation into the home, even in the darkest of seasons.”

    Sonja Schutskoff, Designer of Lady Luck

    Material: 50 % cotton, 50 % polyester

    Designer: Sonja Schutskoff

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  • Ali

    “All of my creations come from inspiration I find from my roots, people and events. My designs often tell stories about life, people, and the nature surrounding us. A rintamamiestalo is a type of detached house that was built for soldiers after world war II in the 1940s. Ali was inspired by the rintamamiestalo I inherited from my great-uncle. The kitchen was often found at the heart of the home for convenient heating. They were often designed with plush and decorative plastic mats. This was my inspiration for Ali. I wanted to recreate the spirit of the rintamamiestalo’s characteristics. Now the same feeling can be brought into your home in the form of textile patterns. I wanted to thank and honor my great-uncle for inspiring me to create this design. Thank you Ali.”

    Material: 100 % cotton

    Designer: Essi Kekäläinen

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  • Boulevard

    “The inspiration for Boulevard comes from a very special feeling I get while on the city tram. On a cool day, behind the clean rows of trees, I watch from the tram. The flickering passing of old windows and stone houses between the perfectly placed tree trunks.”

    Kirsi Sundell, Designer of Boulevard

    Material: 75 % cotton, 25 % polyester

    Designer: Kirsi Sundell

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